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Our Services

Software Asset Management

License & Contract Management


GeminiSix aims to help our clients optimize and manage their software investment. Accomplishing this in today’s enterprise can be quit challenging without the right help. We offer our clients licensing experts that can accurately and affordably identify, acquire and maintain their entire software estate.  Our services include:


  • License & contract maintenance (initial and ongoing)
  • License & contract administration (software vendors and internal contracts)
  • Archiving of invoices and license certifications
  • Mapping of upgrade and maintenance licenses to basic licenses
  • License key administration



IT Asset Management


Ensuring what software and devices are present in your corporate network is vital. Validating import data, mapping entitlements, identification of software suites and other is a day to day task that needs to be executed and continually optimized.


  • Ensuring of inventory processes through Inventory Agents and other interfaces
  • Validation of Scan and data imports
  • Creation and verification of upgrade chains and mapping of downgrade rights
  • Identification and validation of suites and other components


License Balance Reconciliation


Creating software usage reports based on cross referencing software inventory and contract data. This is an important periodic task for any Enterprise. Identifying deficits and initiating purchases can be assessed from our reports. Unused software can be pooled and assigned as needed or retired in the next contract renewal phase.


  • Comparison of license stock and actual software usage
  • Verification of automatic mapping between licenses and software usage
  • Enrichment with additional data (standby server, test systems, etc…)


Cost Optimization and Risk Reduction


Risk of costly penalties because of unlicensed software can be avoided through continuous optimisation. Knowing where your risks are is the fist place to start but optimising your internal process and taking action will be more successful in the long run.


  • Advise for uninstallation of unused and/or not licensed software
  • Identification of potential for optimization regarding the current software usage (clustering, virtualization, etc.)
  • Comparison of different software vendors (rebate system and ideal licensing metrics)
  • Support with vendor negotiations and license compliance reviews (audits)


Knowledge and Planning Support


We aim to provide our clients with continues services with the goal to optimize processes and software investments in the future. Educating all relevant sectors (procurement, IT…etc.) and enhancing internal processes will ensure an optimal SAM & LM environment. 


  • Future license need based on trend analyses and financial impact
  • License requirement planning for new IT project or changes and its financial impact

Application Packaging

Application packaging can help enterprises efficiently manage growing volumes of software for desktop and server systems especially in complex and diverse IT environments. Application packaging projects can bring with them business risks and often include tight timelines and mandated schedules and avoiding delays and budget overruns can be challenging.
GeminiSix can offer you highly educated and experienced IT specialists with years of experience in the field of infrastructure services and application management. Equipped with the right tools and knowledge streamlining software configuration and deployment can help reduce application management costs. Operating system upgrades, legacy applications, virtualization of desktop applications are all challenges that can be overcome with the right approach.
Our services include preparation of standard, structured software installations targeted for automated deployment. The packages must meet the installation requirements for a specific environment like corporate standards, multi-language support, regional issues and other. Our approach is defined by the following activities:


• Assessment and readiness check
• Preparation of packaging guidelines and evaluation documents
• Package creation
• Package Testing
• Support

We are also focusing on

Software Asset Management Software

Software asset management tools automate tasks required to maintain insight into your software environment enabling easier compliance with software licenses and to optimize software spending cost. SAM tools facilitate in-depth analysis of effective license position (ELP) by automating software inventory collection and analysis, evaluating software license entitlement, and detecting opportunities to minimize risks and optimize costs. In a world where managing your software estate with spreadsheets, due to the rising complexity, becomes a real challenge using the right tool can help you overcome them where ever your software is, in the cloud, on-premise or you have a hybrid environment. GeminiSix offers its SAM expertise in combination with the right tool that best fits your needs to get to the next level of SAM maturity. Our team can help your organization with a number of industry leading solutions either by providing our skill and your SAM tool or provide you with a complete managed SAM service including hosted SAM software and our expertise.

Managed services

The overall responsibilities of software asset management are to ensure the correct management of software assets and licenses throughout their entire lifecycle. Your SAM team needs to be highly specialised, experienced and educated in order to be responsible for software from the minute it is requested, through procurement, deployment, recycling and finally retirement. SAM is also responsible for the license entitlement that comes with it, ensuring that your organisation maintains compliance and that all users are using the software within the product use rights. Educating your users is a day to day task that is as important as the management of processes and policies for software. Managing your software estate, processes and management of software (packaging) requires constant attention and the availability of a highly skilled and experienced staff. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing software use rights and the ability to retain proper SAM talent with IT expertise. GeminiSix offers you end-to-end software asset management and software packaging services no matter where they are: on-premise, in the cloud or both. Our team is composed of highly experienced IT engineers and SAM & licensing specialists who will not only manage your software and SAM estate but will continuously improve your environment through continuous process adoption, end user education, contract management and support. Let our experts worry about everything! Our managed services include:


• License and Contract Management
• Software Asset Management
• IT Asset Management Tools
• Software Recognition and Classification services
• Application Packaging

You can hire us for

Software Recognition and Classification services

With today’s enormous number of manufacturers, products, suits, licenses and versions on the market handling it form a License vs Software perspective can require a tremendous effort no matter how big your software estate is. Identifying software products manually requires additional effort and opens the possibility for error to a much higher extent.
Our team of license experts can maintain your software catalog database and keep it constantly up-to-date for you. Our goal is to centralize all software relevant data into one repository allowing you to avoid manual tracking and disconnected spreadsheets. No matter weather you are a Software provider or customer our experts can help you achieve the required level of automation that can enable you to focus on more important tasks in the SAM arena.