About - Gemini six
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We are serving companies in 15 EU countries

License & Contract Management

Our Mission

GeminiSix is a SAM competency center focused on helping businesses correctly manage their Software Assets and Licenses throughout their entire life cycle. Our services aim to provide management and optimization of software fixed assets and license management incorporating a set of proven processes and procedures for managing and optimizing IT assets for our clients. Our services help to protect our client’s software investments and help them recognize what they have, where it’s running, and if their assets are used efficiently. Our goal is to reduce information technology costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, while maximizing IT responsiveness and end-user productivity.


Our headquarters are situated in Belgrade, Serbia from where we offer our clients nearshoring, offshoring or onsite work depending on their requirements and needs.

Why GeminiSix ?

We provide a unique high quality off shore service with experienced and well-educated staff which are fit to provide our partners and customers with what they need and when they need it.

Cost reduction

Significant cost reductions against similar fully costed employee rates in Central and Western Europe.


Well educated, English speaking staff with the adequate experience and skill set.


We do rapidly expand the number of employees to meet the needs of our clients


High levels of productivity at a low cost to enabling our partners and customers to maximise their ROI on new business growth.

Siniša Lukačev

Our Mission

GeminiSix offers a wide portfolio of services helping our clients to maximize productivity and the overall value of their software estate. We help our clients achieve their key business objectives through professional, skilled, highly educated staff and long-term relationships.

Join our team

Our vision

Our Vision is to be a preferred global services and solutions company providing near-shoring services through our partners. We aim to achieve our goals by listening and understanding our customers and working with our valued partners to deliver innovative services. Our goal is to accomplish compliance, cost optimization and risk reduction so that our customers can freely focus on their business objectives. Our highly-skilled team will demonstrate accountability, passion and reliability with the aim of being your trusted advisor.